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Fatahillah Square - Kota Tua

This post is the continuation of my previous post. Last Sunday, after an unpleasant lunch, we took a stroll at Fatahillah Square, located in Jakarta Old City (Indonesian: Kota Tua). This spot is very popular among both local and international tourists and always crowded everyday, especially weekend and during school holidays.

I will share a brief history of Fatahillah Square. Fatahillah Square (Indonesian : Taman Fatahillah) is a public square, which was known as Stadhuisplein or the City Hall Square in the past. In the center of the square is a fountain which was used as the water supply during the colonial era back then. You can see it in the video at the bottom of the post.

A portuguese cannon (known as Si Jagur Cannon) with a hand ornament showing a fig gesture, which was believed by the locals to be able to induce fertility on woman.

Fatahillah Square was also used to be the arena of executions during the colonial era.

A man painted in black posing as a soldier sitting on nothing. I am not sure how he did it but it was pretty amazing. Yes he is a real human, not a statue.

There are several museums in the Fatahillah Square :

  1. The Jakarta History Museum (Museum Sejarah Jakarta) also known as Fatahillah Museum or Batavia Museum.
  2. Wayang Museum
  3. Fine Art  and Ceramic Museum

Unfortunately all the museums were closed on that day due to Lebaran Holiday, so I cannot share much photos here, but I will be visiting the museums again in the near future and share the experiences  here.

It was a crowded merry afternoon. All the young, old, couples, families, children were all mixed together happily enjoying the fun attractions performed by local artists around the square. Some were cos-playing characters from the famous animations such as Hello Kitty, Doraemon, Mickey Mouse and even princess Sofia. Too bad, we didn't spot Queen Elsa yet, lol. Some were demonstrating their levitating skills (of course it is just a trick), and some even dressed up as characters in Indonesia Horror films like Kuntilanak (the one holding a dead baby), Sundel Bolong (lady with long hair and bloody hole on her back) and Pocong (moslem style zombie).

Visitors enjoy taking picture with them. Will they still enjoy taking picture together when they meet a real one? lol

In the midst of this crowd, food vendors and merchants certainly do not want to miss the opportunity to offer their products. They were toys, mobile phone accessories, clothing, bags, souvenirs etc etc. Almost like a night market.

 Ladies waiting for their food to be served. The man in red is cooking their orders.

 Kerak Telor, Betawi signature food. It is like a pancake make of egg, rice, onions and baked on charcoal and garnished with fried coconut flakes. This is very delicious!!!! 

Rainbow Rainbow...what a candy to the eye

Oh, I almost forget to mention another interesting activity which is cycling. Many visitors like it. Old antique bicycles are available for rent. You can get around in Fatahillah Square with style because an eye-catchy classic hats are also available for you to put on. a perfect selfie is very possible.

Ondel-Ondel (Betawi style giant puppet)

You can take picture with any characters cos-playing around the square, but prepare a lot of small notes with you, unless you want to be a super generous tipper.

Here is a short video of our little adventure. I combined the video of Cafe Batavia from the previous post and Fatahillah Square. Musics are from our collections of Indonesia most favourite oldies. Hope you enjoy watching the video while listening to our popular oldies. 

It was a trully enjoyable experience!! see you again

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